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Operating customized, escorted tours throughout the world since 1970.

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2016 Zachary Travel Tours



Ireland with N. Ireland    Aug. 24 – Sept. 3  – Circle the island with Belfast, Giants Causeway, Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Stone, Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula, Dublin.   $3,989 from Baton Rouge.   Escorted by Wayne Barnes.  Click "Ireland Circle" for tour details.


MOTORCOACH- Cape Cod    Aug. 26 – Sept. 5  Four nights in Cape Cod.  Islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, Rhode Island, Delaware, Washington, D.C.  $1,799 from Baton Rouge.  Escorted by Nancy Horn.  Click on "MC Cape Cod" for tour details.



*NEW*  San Francisco / Napa Valley  Sept. 8 – 13   Fly to San Francisco, 2 nights in Napa Valley, grape harvest time, 3 nights at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco.  Day trip to Carmel, Monterrey, Pebble Beach, Redwood Forest.     $1,795 from Baton Rouge.  Escorted by Nancy Horn.  Click on "San Francisco" for more information.

MOTORCOACH – Canada Foliage /Train / Mackinaw Island  Sept. 15 -24   Agawa Canyon Train in Canada.  Spend the night in Mackinaw Island’s legendary Grand Hotel - 5-course dinner.   $1,979  from Baton Rouge.  Escorted by Wayne Barnes.  Click " Canada Fall Foliage " for tour details

MOTORCOACH - Eastern Canada  Sept. 16 – 27   Visit Churchill Downs, Niagara Falls, Toronto, capital city of Ottawa, Quebec City for 2 nights, Montreal & Lake Placid.  $1,895 from Baton Rouge.  Escorted by Nancy Horn.  Click "MC Eastern Canada" for tour details.

MOTORCOACH – Colorado Foliage & Trains  Sept. 28 – Oct. 8 - Six scenic train rides – Cumbres & Toltec, Durango & Silverton, Amtrak, Royal Gorge, Pike’s Peak.   Spectacular mountain scenery & golden foliage.   $1,899 from Baton Rouge.  Escorted by Wayne Barnes.  Click "MC Colorado Trains" for tour details.


MOTORCOACH – New England Fall Foliage     Oct. 1-13   Usually peak time for leaves.   Features 3 night stop in heart of Vermont / New Hampshire.  Spectacular foliage.  Niagara Falls, Maine, Boston.   $1,999 from Baton Rouge.  Escorted by Nancy Horn.   Click on "MC NEFF" for more information


MOTORCOACH - Avery Island   Tuesday, Oct. 11  One day tour. See "MC Avery Island " for more information.



*NEW*   MOTORCOACH  Santa Fe   Oct. 17-24   5 nights in same new, beautiful Santa Fe hotel (2 blocks from main plaza).  Day trips to Taos and area.  $1,599 from Baton Rouge.  Escorted by Nancy Horn.  Click on "MC Santa Fe" for more information.


MOTORCOACH – Smokies Fall Foliage & Train   Oct. 24 – 29  Usually peak foliage.  Pigeon Forge (with Dollywood & Dixie Stampede with dinner), Smoky Mountains National Park, Great Smoky Mountains Train, Callaway Gardens.   $989 from Baton Rouge.   Escorted by Wayne Barnes.  Click on "MC Smokies Fall Foliage" for more information.



MOTORCOACH - Branson Christmas   Nov. 2 – 5  Enjoy 5 great shows - Clay Cooper; Neal McCoy; Haygood's Christmas; Osmond Brothers / Lennon Sisters.  $899 from Baton Rouge.  Escorted by Nancy Horn.  Click on "MC Branson 4 Day" for more information. 


MOTORCOACH - Nashville Christmas    Nov. 17 - 20  $999  Escorted by Nancy Horn.  Click on "MC Nashville" for more information.



MOTORCOACH - Natchitoches Christmas  Saturday, Nov. 19  Click "MC Natchitoches Christmas" for more information.



MOTORCOACH - Greenbrier Resort Christmas    Nov. 28 - Dec. 2  $1,249 from Baton Rouge.   The elegant Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia - a National Historic Landmark.  2 nights in the deluxe 700 room hotel, breakfast daily & a special dinner.  Also tour Cold War bunkers.  Escorted by Wayne Barnes.  Click "MC Greenbrier Christmas" for more information.


New York City    Dec. 1-4  Our 15th year with hotel in Times Square / Theater area.  Radio City Rockettes, Broadway show, guided city tour and more.  $1,999 from Baton Rouge.  Escorted by Nancy Horn.  Click "New York  Christmas" for tour information.



MOTORCOACH - San Antonio Christmas   Dec. 5 - 7   River Walk hotel.  $479 from Baton Rouge.  Escorted by Wayne Barnes.  Click on "MC San Antonio" for more information. 



MOTORCOACH - Bellingrath Christmas   Friday, Dec. 9  Click on "MC Bellingrath Christmas" for more information.



2017 Zachary Travel Tours


Cruise Southern Caribbean  Jan. 18-29  Wayne Barnes.  See " South Caribbean" for more information.

MC Florida/Key West  Jan. 26 - Feb. 2  Nancy Horn  See "MC Florida Key West" for more information.


Cruise Hawaii   Feb. 24-Mar. 5   Nancy Horn   See "Hawaii" for more information.


MC WWII Museum   Mar. 10  Wayne Barnes.  See "MC WWII" for more information.

MC Texas Wildflowers   Mar. 28-Apr. 1   Wayne Barnes   See "MC Texas Wildflowers" for more information.

MC Washington DC / Cherry Blossoms   Mar. 31-Apr. 6   Nancy Horn.  See "MC Washington DC" for more information.


MC Savannah / Charleston
   Apr. 9-15   Nancy Horn.  See "MC Savannah/Charleston
" for more information.

Holy Land
   Apr. 18-28   Wayne Barnes.  See "Holy Land" for more information.


MC Kentucky
   May 1-6   Nancy Horn

MC Mackinaw Island Springtime
   May 9-19   Nancy Horn.  See "MC Mackinaw Island" for more information.

MC California & Southwest   May 8-24  Wayne Barnes.  See "MC Cal Southwest" for more information.

MC Red Rocks / Grand Canyon
   May 25-June 6   Wayne Barnes.  See "MC Red Rock Canyon" for more information.


MC Washington / Oregon / North California
   June 1-17   Nancy Horn   
See "MC WA OR CALIF" for more information.

Europe Highlights  June 9-22  Wayne Barnes.  See "Europe Highlights" for more information.

Norway / Denmark / Sweden   June 10-19   Karen Cain

MC New York City in June  June 20-28  Nancy Horn

Tanzania   June 24 - July 8  Wayne Barnes


MC Yellowstone / Dakotas   July 1-13   Nancy Horn.  See "MC Yellowsone Park" for more information.

MC Great River Road (Mississippi River)   July 11-22   Wayne Barnes  See "MC Great River Road" for more information.

MC Outer Banks & More   July 19-28   Nancy Horn    See "MC  Outer Banks" for more information.

Russia  July 26-Aug. 4  Wayne Barnes


MC Amish of Pennsylvania   Aug.   2-10  Nancy Horn

South Africa Game Viewing    Aug. 4-18  Wayne Barnes

Alaska Land   Aug. 7-16   Wayne Barnes

Iceland   Aug. 14-24  Nancy Horn

England/Scotland/Wales   Aug. 20-Sept. 1  Wayne Barnes

Train Across Canada   Aug. 29-Sep. 8   Nancy Horn



MC Nova Scotia  Sept. 4-20  Wayne Barnes 

MC Cape Cod   Sept. 18-27   Nancy Horn

Tanzania/Uganda Gorillas  Sept. 23-Oct. 5  Wayne Barnes

MC Colorado Foliage & Trains   Sept. 27-Oct. 7   Wayne Barnes


MC New England Fall Foliage   Oct. 1-13   Nancy Horn

Italy/Sicily  Oct. 11-21  Wayne Barnes

Australia / New Zealand   Oct. 29-Nov. 11   Wayne Barnes


New York Christmas    Nov. 30-Dec. 3   Nancy Horn


MC Galveston Christmas   Becky PoPovic

MC Grapevine Christmas   Nancy Horn

MC Biltmore Christmas 


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